You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen


You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen, LP released 9th December on Columbia Records.

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At 82 years old, Leonard Cohen released his 14th studio album. A gift to his most diehard fans and perhaps an inside joke in some ways, as most Leonard Cohen fans will always want it darker. You Want It Darker holds a a realistically grim, spiritually radiant and deeply poetic worldview, generally spiked with a romantic thrum and an existential wink. Rife with sharp couplets and religious imagery, the album produced by his son Adam Leonard is perfectly paired with sumputous orchestral arrangements. Following a string of records that have each felt like a swan song, this may be Cohen’s most haunting record and is made more powerful by the fact it is his last.

Released on vinyl on the 9th of December.




  1. You Want It Darker
  2. Treaty
  3. On the Level
  4. Leaving the Table
  5. If I Didn’t Have Your Love
  6. Traveling Light
  7. It Seemed the Better Way
  8. Steer Your Way
  9. String Reprise/Treaty