Why Love Now by Pissed Jeans


Why Love Now by Pissed Jeans. Released on the 24th February 2017 by Sub Pop Records.

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Pissed Jeans’ gutter-scraped amalgamation of sludge, punk, noise and bracing wit make the band – Korvette, Brad Fry (guitar), Randy Huth (bass) and Sean McGuinness (drums) – a release valve for a world where absurdity seems in a constant battle trying to outdo itself. Why Love Now picks at the bursting seams that are barely holding 21st Century life together.

Take the grinding rave up ‘The Bar Is Low’, which, according to Korvette, is “about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead. It seems like every guy is getting outed, across every board of entertainment and politics and music. There’s no guy that isn’t a total creep.”

Nu-Wave legend Lydia Lunch shacked up in Philadelphia to produce Why Love Now alongside local metal legend Arthur Rizk (Eternal Champion, Goat Semen). “I knew she wasn’t a traditional producer,” Korvette says of Lunch. “I like how she’s so cool and really intimidating. She ended up being so fucking awesome and crazy. She was super into it, constantly threatening to bend us over the bathtub. I’m not really sure what that entails, but I know she probably wasn’t joking.”

The combination of Lunch’s spiritual guidance and Rizk’s technical prowess supercharged Pissed Jeans and the bracing Why Love Now documents them at their grimy, grinning best. While its references may be very early 21st Century, its willingness to state its case cement it as an album in line with punk’s tradition of turning norms on their heads and shaking them loose.

The Exclusive Loser Edition coloured vinyl LP is only available at Independent record stores like The LP Cafe.

1 Waiting On My Horrible Warning
2 The Bar Is Low
3 Ignorecam
4 Cold Whip Cream
5 Love Without Emotion
6 I’m A Man
7 (Won’t Tell You) My Sign
8 It’s Your Knees
9 Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
10 Have You Ever Been Furniture
11 Activia
12 Not Even Married