The Campfire Headphase by Boards Of Canada


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The Campfire Headphase is the third studio album by Boards of Canada. Released by Warp Records in October 2005, the album featured the addition of heavily treated acoustic guitars and the use of more conventional song structures. The album took the duo three years to make.

“We usually imagine our music to have a visual element while we’re writing it, so we were picturing this character losing his mind at the campfire and compressing weeks of events into a few hours, in that time-stretching way that acid fucks with your perception.”
– Michael Sandison



1. “Into the Rainbow Vein”
2. “Chromakey Dreamcoat”
3. “Satellite Anthem Icarus”
4. “Peacock Tail”
5. “Dayvan Cowboy”
6. “A Moment of Clarity”
7. “’84 Pontiac Dream”
8. “Sherbet Head”
9. “Oscar See Through Red Eye”
10. “Ataronchronon”
11. “Hey Saturday Sun”
12. “Constants Are Changing”
13. “Slow This Bird Down”
14. “Tears from the Compound Eye”
15. “Farewell Fire”