Take It From The Man! by The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Take It From The Man! by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Released in 1996 by Bomp! and rereleased by P & C Recordings in 2010.

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Shoegaze’s masterminds The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s third studio album Take It From The Man! is a rerelease, but was also originally a re-recording. It was recorded in its entirety with another producer before being scrapped and recorded again on a much smaller budget in 1996 – lending the album some raw, gritty style to its smooth, swirling guitars.

Anton Newcombe’s own favourite from their back catalogue, this album is heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones’ own brand of psychedelic rock at the time. That’s well as by the influence of the ghost of Brian Jones himself apparently, with Newcombe saying in the liner notes that “”I, Anton A. Newcombe, do solemnly swear that the ghost of Brian Jones came to me in the studio and asked me to make this record.”

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  1. Vacuum Boots
  2. Who?
  3. Oh Lord
  4. Caress
  5. [David Bowie I Love You] Since I Was Six
  6. Straight Up And Down
  7. Monster
  8. Take It From The Man
  9. B.S.A.
  10. Mary, Please
  11. Monkey puzzle
  12. Fucker
  13. Dawn
  14. Cabin Fever
  15. In My Life
  16. The Be Song
  17. My Man Syd
  18. Straight Up And Down