Sex, Death And The Infinite Void by Creeper


Sex, Death And The Infinite Void by Creeper, available to order now on 12″ Purple Coloured vinyl from The LP Cafe.

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RELEASE DATE: 22nd May 2020

Speculation about the demise of CREEPER proved to be wide-of-the-mark. Their devoted fanbase were devastated when frontman Will Gould paraphrased David Bowie as he announced the end of the band during a sold-out Koko show in 2018.

But a year to the date later, CREEPER were reborn during a secret show under the Fugitives of Heaven pseudonym. Their reanimation was completed when they dropped the new track ‘Born Cold’ – with Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter leading the celebrations by playing the track three times in a row.

Of the album and artwork, frontman Will Gould says, “The real-life time travel that music can achieve is almost supernatural. In a moment you can be transported from a bedroom in the south of England to another dimension entirely. With our latest album, we attempted to perform a similar magic.

Formed in SouthamptonCREEPER quickly developed a die-hard following of fans. The CREEPER CULT quickly became enamoured with the band’s visionary hybrid of engaging narratives, striking theatricality and a sound simultaneously visceral, grandiose and adventurous.

CREEPER’s debut album Eternity, In Your Arms shot straight into the Top 20, while early acclaim included Best British Newcomer at the KerrangAwardsBest New Band at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards, and Best British Newcomer in the Rock Sound readers’ poll.


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