Requiem by Goat


Requiem by Goat, released 7th October 2016

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Goat, Sweden’s #1 Silk Road psychedelia/desert blues/Third World pop act has returned with their third full length album Requiem. Equally charming and confusing, their amalgamation of these world music sub-genres intrigues you into their all encompassing palette of musicality, rather than alienating you from it. Described by the band simply as ‘their folk album’, Requiem is a more toned down album compared to their previous efforts but still not without it’s fair share of spellbinding riffage.



Track Listing:

  1.  Djôrôlen / Union of Sun and Moon
  2. I Sing in Silence
  3. Temple Rhythms
  4. Alarms Side
  5. Trouble in The Streets
  6. Psychedelic Lover
  7. Goatband
  8. Try My Robe
  9. It’s Not Me
  10. All-Seeing Eye
  11. Goatfuzz
  12. Goodbye
  13. Ubuntu