Integrity Blues by Jimmy Eat World


Integrity Blues by Jimmy Eat World, LP released on 28th October on RCA Records.

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Laced with lyrics that embrace a distinctly darker and slower sound to their usual offerings, Integrity Blues is the ninth album from Arizona pop punk quartet Jimmy Eat World. Frontman Jim Adkins says on the album that it’s “about throwing away your default responses to life, accept life on the terms of life and becoming willing to accept the best any of us have is to be in a state of progress.” The statement reflects the band’s approach to writing as it continues to push the boundaries of what fans know and love them for without alienating them.





  1. You With Me
  2. Sure and Certain
  3. It Matters
  4. Pretty Grids
  5. Pass The Baby
  6. Get Right
  7. You Are Free
  8. The End Is Beautiful
  9. Through
  10. Integrity Blues
  11. Pol Roger