Honesty by Spy Catcher


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Honesty is the brilliant debut album from Watford’s now defunct Spy Catcher. One of our favourite releases by a local band, at various points the band comprised members who have played in Gallows, Gold Key, Sikth, The Rattlesnakes, and fronted by producer Steve Sears. Honesty is a collection of finely honed post-hardcore bangers, with cutting lyrics and undeniable hooks. Available now from The LP Cafe on blue 12″ vinyl.

2.Don’t Like People
3.Remember Where You Were When Michael Jackson Died
5.Reason To Breathe In
7.Rock Is Cursed
8.Hold On
9.Nobody Listens
10.Good Times
11.There Is No Light
13. The Gospel Accordion To James Leach
14. The Places I Can Steal