Homey by Chon


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CHON have gone from playing local shows in their hometown of San Diego to a spot on the Billboard 200 and tours with Animals As Leaders and Circa Survive.

“CHON clearly have a more laidback attitude than some other progressive acts, and that’s what makes Homeyfeel as fresh as it is. There’s a vergence on light and colour that bands of their ilk rarely move towards, let alone a wholehearted embrace of genres not even adjacent. It’s such a breath of fresh air to find a band like CHON, one whose technicality stays at the fore even while adapting to the onset of summer. They might have just tapped into the niche of chillout music that’ll also make you think, which really is an achievement in itself.” – The Soundboard

1. Sleepy Tea
2. Waterslide
3. Berry Streets
4. No Signal
5. Checkpoint
6. Nayhoo (feat. Masego)
7. Here and There
8. The Space
9. Feel This Way
10. Continue?
11. Glitch
12. Wave Bounce