Freetown Sound by Blood Orange


Freetown Sound by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes. Released in 2016 on Domino Recording Co Ltd.

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The smoothest voice in music right now, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange brings us Freetown Sound. Sometimes referred to as the heir to Prince for his synthy R&B style, this album is his most personal yet, as it deals with his understanding of his own race and heritage.

One of our best albums of 2016, buy the record in store or online now.


  1. By Ourselves
  2. Augustine
  3. Chance
  4. Best To You
  5. With Him
  6. E.V.P
  7. Love Ya
  8. But You
  9. Desirée
  10. Hands Up
  11. Hadron Collider
  12. Squash Squash
  13. Juicy 1-4
  14. Better Than Me
  15. Thank You
  16. I Know
  17. Better Numb