Endtroducing by DJ Shadow


Endtroducing by DJ Shadow. Released in 1996 by Mo' Wax Recordings and A&M Records.

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The debut album from DJ Shadow set the bar high for hip hop’s use of sampling, as it is an instrumental album made almost entirely from other people’s music collected in his constant trips to record shops.

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  1. Best Foot Forward
  2. Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
  3. The Number Song
  4. Changeling
  5. Transmission 1
  6. What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt.4
  7. Untitled
  8. Stem/Long Stem
  9. Transmission 2
  10. Mutual Slump
  11. Organ Donor
  12. Why Hip-Hop Sucks in ’96
  13. Midnight In A Perfect World
  14. Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain
  15. What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 1 – Blue Sky Revisit
  16. Transmission 3