End Of Suffering by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (Indie Only LP)


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Recorded in just six months, “End Of Suffering” – named after the Buddhist term for enlightenment- is the sound of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes entering an entirely new realm of the senses, a forty minute rock’n’rollercoaster of molten-hot bangers, scorched-soul ballads and grunge lullabies laced through with a lacerating lyrical honesty. Indeed. In an age of say-nothing pop and codified corporate rock, “End Of Suffering” does what all great music should- lift the spirits and stir the soul. 




1.Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider
2.Tyrant Lizard King feat. Tom Morello
5.Love Games
7.Angel Wings
9.Latex Dreams
10.Kitty Sucker
11.Little Devil
12.End Of Suffering