Discovery by Daft Punk


Discovery by Daft Punk. Released in 2001 by Virgin Records.

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France’s finest electronic duo Daft Punk’s second album Discovery marks their shift into danceable disco pop hits like “One More Time”. At the forefront of musical experimentalism, they also arguably started the now quite prevalent trend of releasing an accompanying visual album – Insterstella 5555, an anime about a kidnapped band in space. Discovery blends synth, garage, R&B and a whole lot of sampling to make an album to define the start of the new century.

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  1. One More Time
  2. Aerodynamic
  3. Digital Love
  4. Harder Better Faster Stronger
  5. Crescendolls
  6. Nightvision
  7. Superheroes
  8. High Life
  9. Something About Us
  10. Voyager
  11. Veridis Quo
  12. Short Circuit
  13. Face To Face
  14. Too Long