American Football (2016) by American Football


American Football (2016) by American Football, released on vinyl 21st October 2016 on Wichita Records.

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After seventeen long years since their first full length record and subsequently breaking up not long after, American Football never meant to return with a second album. In that time, they amassed a cult following seemingly out of nowhere which eventually prompted the band to reunite and play some well attended shows in the summer of 2014. One thing led to another and they found themselves writing and recording the follow up to 1999’s American Football, also titled American Football.



Track Listing:

  1.  Where Are We Now
  2. My Instincts Are The Enemy
  3. Home Is Where The Haunt Is
  4. Born To Lose
  5. I’ve Been Lost So Long
  6. Give Me The Gun
  7. I Need A Drink (Or Two Or Three)
  8. Desire Gets In The Way
  9. Everyone Is Dressed Up

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