A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975


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A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the third studio album by English band The 1975, released on 30 November 2018 by Dirty Hit and Polydor Records. It was produced by band members George Daniel and Matthew Healy, and is the band’s first album not to be produced with regular collaborator Mike Crossey. Many of the tracks from the album were written during his stay in rehab, the songwriting process described by Healy as “genuine catharsis.” The album was wholly produced by Healy and Daniel, their first without Mike Crossey and recorded at Waldenfeld House, Montague Court and Abbey Road in London, Conway Sound, Capitol and Perfect Sound in Los Angeles, Angelic in Halse and The Beach House in Santa Monica between June 2017 and September 2018

1. The 1975
2. Give Yourself a Try
3. TooTimeTooTimeTooTime
4. How to Draw / Petrichor
5. Love It If We Made It
6. Be My Mistake
7. Sincerity Is Scary
8. I Like America & America Likes Me
9. The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme
10. Inside Your Mind
11. It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You
12. Surrounded by Heads and Bodies
13. Mine
14. I Couldn’t Be More in Love
15. I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)


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