The Twin Peaks OST by Angelo Badalamenti


The original soundtrack of TV show Twin Peaks, written by Angelo Badalamenti and produced by David Lynch. Available as a black 12″ vinyl from 19th May 2017.

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1. “Twin Peaks Theme” (Instrumental)
2. “Laura Palmer’s Theme” (Instrumental)
3. “Audrey’s Dance” (Instrumental)
4. “The Nightingale” (Vocal by Julee Cruise)
5. “Freshly Squeezed” (Instrumental)
6. “The Bookhouse Boys” (Instrumental)
7. “Into the Night” (Vocal by Julee Cruise)
8. “Night Life in Twin Peaks” (Instrumental)
9. “Dance of the Dream Man” (Instrumental)
10. “Love Theme from Twin Peaks” (Instrumental)
11. “Falling” (Vocal by Julee Cruise)

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