Stubborn Persistent Illusions by Do May Say Think


Do May Say Think’s album ‘Stubborn Persistent Illusions’. Released by Constellation Records as a 2LP 180g edition with an etching and 24″ art print with digital download code.

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Do Make Say Think has been widely celebrated as one of the preeminent instrumental rock bands of the 90s-00s. Stubborn Persistent Illusions is the group’s first album in eight years – and a stellar addition to one of the most consistent, inventive, exuberant, satisfying, and critically acclaimed discographies in the ‘post-rock’ canon. Following Other Truths (2009), the five members of DMST pursued other creative projects, while all continuing to stay firmly rooted in Toronto. Stubborn Persistent Illusions is a reminder and continuation of the group’s DIY ethos, and the integral role played by their singular selfproduction acumen and aesthetic.

Do Make Say Think has a well-earned reputation for imbuing their instrumental music with soulful and emotive narrative power that doesn’t rely on obvious tropes or bombastic dynamics. Among the band’s special strengths is an ineffable naturalism that avoids anything too woolly, proggy, purist or clichéd, while remaining a fundamentally guitar-driven group whose ornate four- and six-string interplay balances rockism, pastoralism and electronic-influenced post-production in a class of its own.

“Do Make Say Think legitimize post-rock as a term of art… engender some of the most honest, unpretentious, group-oriented rock of their time.” Popmatters

“Experimental rock on the grandest and most impressive of scales with not a trace of musical mildew or corrosion.” The Wire

“The supernova in Constellation’s stellar network… arguably the finest back catalogue of any currently operating instrumental rock band.” Drowned In Sound


01 War On Torpor
02 Horripilation
03 Murder Of Thoughts
04 Bound
05 And Boundless
06 Her Eyes On The Horizon
07  (As Far As The Eye Can See)
08 Shlomo’s Son
09 Return, Return Again

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