You Might Be Right by Happy Accidents


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You Might Be Right by Happy Accidents, available to order now on 12” vinyl from The LP Café.

London indie-punk trio Happy Accidents have got a rather big summer planned, announcing their debut album You Might Be Right, available right here on vinyl. With sugar-coated choruses and ‘four to the floor’ disco drums, the band’s sonic urgency creates the kind of earworms that will be rattling round your head for months to come – fusing their deep-seated love of 90s punk and indie, whilst still managing to sound as fresh as any of their contemporaries.

1. But You’re Probably Wrong
2. Leaving Parties Early
3. Feel the Same (Unfavourably)
4. Chameleon
5. Quiet
6. Spinning
7. Facts and Figures
8. Running
9. I Can’t Wait to Get the Hell Away from You
10. Coexist
11. Sorry I’m Late

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