After searching far and wide for a coffee roasters that we wanted to partner up with back in 2013 we found the guys over at Climpson and Sons in Hackney, East London. They stuck out for being a small business as committed as we are to ethical business practices, as well as for just making the best beans in town. Climpson trade directly with farmers, using certified brokers, guaranteeing coffee which is sustainably sourced and socially responsible. A cup that’s good for the tastebuds and the soul.

These guys pay attention to every detail of the process, from the planting of the tree, to the roasting of the beans. Using a Loring SmartRoast S3 they bring out the best of each bean’s distinctive sweetness as well as the balancing base notes. They even train our baristas to make sure that every coffee served is the best it can be. Our baristas know the difference between a good cup and a great cup, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the product of more than 2000 hours care and attention.

Our Current Blends

House Blend: The Climpson Estate Signature Espresso

A 50/50 blend of two delicious beans makes Climpson and Sons’ signature blend perfect for the coffees we make every single day in store. Always at home in our grinder, this coffee brings Watford some delicious milk chocolate flavours topped off with a light orange blossom note. From the Sasaba Washing Station in Ethiopia and the San Juan Cooperative in Colombia, you can rest assured that Climpson and The LP Cafe have supporting small growers and their communities in mind.

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Seasonal Blend: The Fields V19

From Zamorain Ecuador at 1,700 metres above sea-level, Rosa Abad’s organic farm has been growing some delicious coffee beans that have finally made their way to Watford in the form of The LP Cafe’s newest seasonal blend. Because of Rosa’s slow ripening process and her farm’s shady valley situ, these beans take on a really fruity body – with notes of Apricot, fudge and honey.

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