About Us

“Great coffee complimenting great sounds, liquid and sonic inspiration for the average town I can’t help but love”

The musical heritage of Watford has infected the lives of a disproportionate amount of people for its size, and is something that we are proud of. I grew up in the late 90s, a time when local DIY punk rock scene was the hub of social activity: gigs were put on by kids in old working mens clubs; bands formed and broke up weekly in the local college, schools and rehearsal rooms; people met in Past and Present Records, Virgin, CD Warehouse, Sam Goody, Our Price.

It was at Southern Records that I would dream of one day running a label out of a record shop and here that I met Benjamin Shaw, an introspective, blackly humorous and criminally underrated singer/songwriter. Whilst packing fresh vinyl copies of Discord titles to ship across Europe he introduced me to my first coffee. And the second, the third… nth… before I knew it I had got myself a cafetière, then filter machine, aeropress and now a beautiful La Marzocco FB 80.

Looking at Watford now, the venues, bands and the shops have all changed, but the spirit is still here.  The sheer number of signed and respected artists who have hailed from this suburban enclave are testimony to this creative spirit.

In November 2013 we opened the doors to The LP Café.


Paul, The LP Café

Get in touch with us at info@thelpcafe.com

Find us at:

173 The Parade Watford High Street WD17 1NJ

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 8:30am-6pm

Sat 9am-6pm

Sun 11am-5pm